BETHLEHEM – On October 23, 2023, Ma’an Lil-Hayat held a meeting to discuss its safeguarding policy and code of conduct with its employees and assistants. 

The meeting was led by board president Flavia Andon, with the help of board member Nadin Sabat and L’Arche Bethlehem assistant Elen Murra, who adopted the original safeguarding policy of the Federation of L’Arche and introduced the appropriate changes that fit the context and environment of L’Arche Bethlehem.

The meeting consisted of three sessions. The first one was to blow off some steam and talk about the current emotional state that the employees of Ma’an live in, especially since the community can feel the effects of the current political situation in Palestine on their own lives. 

During the second session, the staff of Ma’an played a game that helped them decompress, focus on helping each other, and increase their sense of group connection.

In the third session, the staff were divided into groups and were given time to answer three questions about the safeguarding policy that was adopted. The discussion was then opened, where staff and assistants could express their input and feedback regarding the principles of the code of conduct.