GALILEE – From July 24-29, 2023, Ma’an Lil-Hayat participated in a trip and summer camp in Tabgha on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Twenty-six core members and seven assistants were hosted at Beit Noah for a week full of fun and exciting games and activities. Mr. Johannes Roelofsen, a Professor in special education from Germany, with three German volunteers as well as two American volunteers participated in the summer camp and helped the assistants of Ma’an.

Every day the assistants of Ma’an prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as two snacks throughout the day.

During the day, and after having breakfast, most of the community members spent time swimming in the water canal near Beit Noah house, while others decided to sit back and draw in their coloring books. Each evening, a different set of assistants planned included games and activities like musical chairs, fill the bucket water game, and water balloon fights. During the first night, the assistants laid down the rules that the core members had to abide by for the following five days. At the end of each day, the assistants and volunteers sat down, talked, and shared remarks and opinions about their day. 

As tradition goes every year, the core members were excited to go on a boat ride in the Sea of Galilee. Despite the hot weather that Tiberias is known for, everyone danced joyfully together to Arabic music and took selfies with the sea behind them. The day trip also included eating fish at a restaurant just in front of the harbor. 

The summer camp was also an occasion for some of the new community members to experience working with the core members. It was challenging for them but constituted a great learning-by-observation opportunity. Partaking in the trip was a great way to know themselves and to realize how resourceful they are when faced with a problem. 

Thanks to our faithful friends from Scotland and Germany who helped us to cover the expenses of the camp this year, with them our dream became true.