Ma’an lil-Hayat has three main areas of objectives:
Therapeutic objectives, which foster the development of self-esteem, the ability to make choices, the active participation in a learning environment, and the development of creative skills.
Social objectives, which encourage people to acknowledge their own abilities and learn to be generous in using those abilities, to become more aware of the needs and realities of other people, to work as part of a team, and to acquire a greater sense of personal and communal responsibility.
Economic objectives, which lead to a greater sense of self-respect and dignity for our members with intellectual disabilities. Our hope is that the sale of products will enable them to receive a weekly stipend in order to learn the concept of money and to experience the joy of being able to purchase items that they want. Sales of products are a tangible expression of the social recognition gained through the work accomplished, and of the value and creativity of all people. Those with intellectual disabilities who participate in our program are unable, because of their disability and the lack of support within the Palestinian community at large, to be employed in an ordinary workplace. Therefore, the sheltered environment provided at Ma’an lil-Hayat responds to their specific needs and offers a way for them to have a more “normal” adult routine.