The activities and production at Ma’an lil-Hayat are not ends in themselves but are a means toward the healthy integration of people with intellectual disabilities into the local community as well as an aid to changing the vision of society toward people with disabilities. Ma’an lil-Hayat serves as a means to advocate for and protect the rights of people with disabilities. We believe that all people, whether disabled or not, have capacities and abilities that enable them to make a unique contribution to society, regardless of their differences. We respect and welcome difference, which is a way to experience mutual enrichment, coming as we do from different religious traditions and differing social milieus. We are transformed in a positive way through sharing life together – our gifts, our joys, our challenges, our suffering, and our dreams. Ma’an lil-Hayat seeks to affirm and empower people with intellectual disabilities in their claim to adulthood. Meaningful, challenging activities encourage a sense of personal responsibility and genuine participation in the building of civil society.